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EndNote Basic

Endnote Reference Management Software
Endnote is a software tool created by Thomson Reuters that assists researchers in finding information, organizing references, building and formatting bibliographies, and sharing citation information with colleagues.  Endnote integrates with programs such as Microsoft Word and Powerpoint to assist users with properly formatting scholarly citations in research papers and presentations.  The CDU Health Sciences Library is pleased to provide licensed copies of Endnote to CDU students, faculty, and staff.

Endnote Installation
In order to install Endnote, you must bring your laptop to the Health Sciences Library.  A staff member will assist with installation of the software.  Endnote is compatible with relatively recent versions of both Windows and Mac.  Please be advised that the current version of Endnote may not be compatible with older operating systems.  Furthermore, please note that the current version of Endnote is NOT compatible with Mac OS Sierra.  Thomson Reuters has however indicated that the next release of Endnote will be fully compatible with the latest Mac OS upgrade.

Endnote Support
The CDU Health Sciences Library provides students, faculty, and staff with a number of Endnote resources and services.  The library maintains two LibGuides that provide access to Endnote training materials.   Both guides are accessible by clicking on the “Libguides” tab on the navigation bar of the library’s homepage and locating the guides on the alphabetically arranged list. 

Endnote (LINK to LibGuide -  http://cdrewu.libguides.com/endnote)
The Endnote Libguide includes instructions on creating libraries, manually creating references, organizing references, and importing references from databases such as Pubmed and CINAHL. 

Endnote Video Tutorials (LINK to LibGuide - http://cdrewu.libguides.com/c.php?g=516255)
The CDU Health Sciences Library has created a series of Youtube videos embedded in Libguides that instruct users on how to import references from databases using various web browsers and insert those references into Word documents.

Endnote Basic
The CDU Health Sciences Library is pleased to offer EndNote Basic to all of its registered users. If you haven't used EndNote Basic before, you must sign up first. Then, you can access www.myendnoteweb.com from anywhere by using your username and password.

Schedule an Appointment
Please call the library and schedule an appointment if you require individual or group Endnote review and demonstration sessions.